Brinno’s BCC 100 time-lapse camera records your construction project from the ground up with no fuss

Updated Oct 16, 2014

Brinno BCC 100 construction cameraIf you’ve ever wondered how they take time lapse photos and videos of big construction projects going up, the answer is the Brinno BCC 100 Time Lapse Video Construction Camera.

The camera can be set up anywhere and captures video in a 140-degree field of vision. It is dustproof and comes with a water-resistant housing for use outdoors. The BCC 100 turns eight hours of time-lapsed photos into an eight minute video. The battery lasts up to two and a half months while the camera takes photos in 30 minute intervals.

According to the company the unit can give you instant video on the spot, once the filming is complete so you don’t have to transfer big files, edit the video or do any post-processing.

Position and secure the camera, push a button and walk away. You’ve got enough battery and memory to record two and a half months of time-lapse photography.