Ditch Witch launches mobile Web site

Perry, Okla.-based Ditch Witch has launched a mobile Web site that the company says enables users to access detailed product information and interactive features, including a downhole tool selector and drilling fluid formulator.

By accessing the Ditch Witch Web site (www.ditchwitch.com) from a mobile device, users will be taken to a site where they will find the following:

*The most up-to-date information about the entire Ditch Witch product line, including photos, detailed descriptions, and product manuals that can be downloaded with the click of a button.

*A downhole tool selector that enables the user to determine the ideal bit or backreamer that works best with a specific Ditch Witch horizontal directional drill and a specific ground formation. Recommendations for each bit and backreamer are ranked as “good,” “better” or “best” for particular soils.

*A drilling fluid formulator that calculates the recommended drilling fluid volume and proper mixture after the user submits the type of directional drill, length of the bore, dimensions of the backreamer, rod length and soil type. The drilling fluid formulator also provides recommended pullback speed, funnel viscosity, and pump output. Users are given a choice of U.S. or metric data.

*A drill pipe reference tool, which gives users information about the recommended type of drill pipe for their application. Information includes details about lined and unlined pipe; pipe thread size, length, bend radius, and maximum amount of pitch and degree change; plus other job-specific drill pipe information.

*And a function for locating the nearest Ditch Witch dealer. Users can choose to allow the site’s GPS component to determine their location and instantly provide information about the nearest dealer, including the address, phone number, and a link to a Google map of the dealership.