Topcon’s NET-G3A delivers high performance tracking

Topcon Positioning Systems announced its next generation of high performance, geodetic GNSS receivers, the NET-G3A.

The NET-G3A features the Paradigm G3 chip and delivers tracking of all currently available satellite signals. It offers low power consumption, 25-hour internal batteries, advanced memory storage and a data rate up to 100 Hertz.

The receiver uses an HTML web user interface that allows remote configuration and 144-channel universal-signal tracking technology. It comes with a removable CF memory card with up to 2 GB of space and a USB host that allows users to plug in a USB memory stick directly to the receiver.

The NET-G3A can be used as part of a network solution or as an in-the-field receiver or stand-alone RTK base station.

For more information on the NET-G3A, visit Topcon’s website.