Kasi upgrades Patriot heating chamber

Kasi upgraded its Patriot heating chamber with two additional heating elements for a faster, easier and seamless repair. The chamber now has eight infrared elements, increasing infrared heat transfer uniformity and reducing exposure time.

A two-man crew with the new Patriot can heat asphalt in about five minutes and complete a seamless repair of potholes and other damage in half the usual time for infrared applications. Repair can be completed in 25 minutes and ready for traffic immediately after the repair is complete.

With the infrared technology, a heater is applied directly to the area and the old asphalt is returned to its original state. A crew member then rakes the mix and adds oils and new asphalt to the mix. A roller can then be used to compact the material.

This process requires a relatively thin layer of new material to bring to the repair, saving on material and operational costs. It requires around one to two tons of asphalt for an entire day’s work, as opposed to the usually 15-20 tons needed.

For more information on the Patriot and infrared asphalt repairs, visit Kasi’s website.