Green jobs smackdown

Despite all the yada-yada about a new economy built on green jobs and environmental technology, the numbers are questionable. Thus quotes the National Review:

Beyond these numbers, uncritically reported by the mainstream media, is the reality of a make-believe industry touted by environmental zealots, corporate freeloaders parading as entrepreneurs, and a president capable of staggering disingenuousness.

Read the whole article, but note that it focuses on solar energy and the definition of green jobs is certainly broader than that.  There is plenty of opportunity in developing products and systems that are more energy efficient: LED lights for instance, clean coal power plants, propane/CNG engines. The list is extensive and the U.S. could easily become the leader on this in the industrial world–we invented the light bulb with nary a dime of government money for crying out loud. But solar power has never made economic sense. It’s a left over hippie notion from the 70s that just won’t go away. The tragedy here is that as long as Washington D.C. keeps feeding ideas that are as lame as bongs and bellbottom jeans, they will continue to starve the most promising technologies. You can’t have it both ways. It’s been proven time and time again that markets are much better predictors of successful technology than the government. And as long as the government keeps shoveling massive subsidies at solar, the environment and out pocketbooks will be the poorer for it.

The author saves the worst news for last, citing a study that showed that every one of these green/solar jobs cost  $500,000 to $774,000 and destroyed 2.2 jobs in other industries due to higher energy prices.