Consortium formed for construction users of RFIDs

This could be big news if you’re in a large construction company that struggles with inventory and material handling logistics. RFIDs are widely used in industial applicatons but tech-savvy construction companies are beginning to find uses for them as well.

RFID’s are radio frequency identification tags, to put it a bit crudely, they’re like “active” bar codes. This is how they work: Say you’re building a large plant, something like a refinery or power plant with thousands of different engineered components being delivered at different times and stored willy-nilly wherever you have space on or around the site. Finding and staging these as you need them is a huge job that takes significant manpower. If, however, you tag these parts as they arrive with an RFID transponder, then when it comes time to use them you simply wave your scanner in the general direction of the laydown area and the transponder will lead you to and positively identify the part.

It’s significant that the consortium’s vice president is a representative of Bechtel Construction Operations. But you don’t have to be as big as a Bechtel or Brown and Root  to take advantage of RFIDs. If you would like faster assembly times and better engineered component management, from steel beams to pumps and electrical systems, check out what RFIDs can do for you.