England’s ‘intelligent speed adaptation’ technology

This is spooky. A group called Transport for London is launching a six-month trial of a technology that will automatically govern the speed of vehicles on the road and adjust that speed to changing traffic and weather conditions. The goal is to reduce accidents and reduce congestion.

Then again, they have to do something. England seemed over run with cars last time I was there.  One highway technology I noticed that did work well there were the signs on their freeways that told you exactly how fast to drive. There wasn’t a fix speed limit or range, rather every mile or two a big digital sign would tell you to speed up or slow down.  Computers monitored the traffic flow and by spreading out the differences in speed, they were able to prevent the sort of traffic jams and stop and start lurching about we so often do here in the U.S. At times we went pretty fast, but we never did come to a stop and rarely fell below say 35 mph.