Subaru puts EFI into small engines

Small gasoline engines used to be the bottom of the barrel when it came to technological sophistication. No longer. Subaru has introduced a line of electronic fuel injection engines, the EH72 V-Twin and EH72 UTV, suitable for welders, generators, pressure washers and lawnmowers. These engines use an electronic control unit and sensors (just like cars and heavy equipment) to measure manifold pressure, ambient temperature and throttle position. The end result is better fuel efficiency, easier starts and digital diagnostics. Both models come in a 653 cc or 720 cc configuration and put out 20 to 27 horsepower. The press release is available at the link below.


In other news, Subaru introduced an engine designed to run on propane or natural gas. The EPA/CARB certified EH72 LP/NG engine offers 25 horsepower. Propane and natural gas lack the lubrication found in gasoline, and can result in more wear on the engine and a shorter life, however, Subaru designed the EH72 LP/NG to account for the increased heat and loss of lubrication so as not to sacrifice the life of the engine.


Gorrilla-proofing small equipment is always a challenge and Suburu has developed a high strength poly resin composite to protect the engine recoil from denting or damage.


Subaru’s new line of compact gasoline generators sets incorporates the companys EX series overhead cam engines. The RGX3000 and RGX3800 are rated at 6o hertz and 3 to 7.8 kilowatts. The have low oil sensors and shut-offs, 12 volt DC battery charging. The RGX3000 offers 3,000 watts maximum and a 10.3 hour run time. The RGX3800 puts out 3,800 watts and a run time of 9.5 hours.