Cat, Deere, Volvo score Innovations Awards

It’s official. This year’s Equipment World Innovations Award winners are the Caterpillar D7E electric drive dozer, the Deere 764 high-speed dozer and Volvo’s L220F Hybrid loader. Full write ups of the products are available in the January issue of the magazine. It’s available in digital format at the link.

Unlike some industry awards that are given to anybody who advertises in a magazine, Equipment World’s Innovations Awards are based purely on merit. And we don’t give the award for mere improvements to a design. We only choose products that we think are game changers. There have been years when we weren’t sure if anybody was going to get an Innovations Award, and the most we’ve ever given out in a year is five. But this year these big OEMs all came out of the starting gate with revolutionary new designs. If you appreciate great engineering and be sure to check it out. To find out who won in the past, see our January issues from 2008, 2007, 2006, 2005 and 2004.