Product Focus: Theft deterrents – December 2008

Device locks equipment drive controls
Mechanically lock the drive controls of all your heavy equipment with Equipment Lock’s anti-theft devices. Designed for a variety of equipment including skid steers, backhoes and excavators, the lock protects the equipment even if the key is available. Equipment Lock devices use barrel style locking mechanisms or are available with a 4-digit combination lock.

Keep tools secure with cable lock system
Discourage theft of expensive tools that are too large to fit in the cab with Ford Work Solutions’ Cable Lock security system, developed with Master Lock. Useful for toolboxes, air compressors, generators or large power tools, the 8-foot 10-millimeter steel cable is wrapped in a protective plastic sheathing that easily winds through and around items. Ford Work Solutions also includes the Tool Link RFID asset tracking system, the Crew Chief fleet telematics and diagnostics system and an in-dash computer for accessing work documents on the jobsite.

Lower deductible with serial number registration
Law enforcement officials can identify the owner of a machine with National Equipment Register’s HELPtech, a service that enables you to register serial numbers on a national database. Some insurance companies also waive up to $10,000 of the deductible if a HELPtech-registered machine is stolen.

Manage equipment with centralized database
Store all construction resource information in one centralized database with ToolWatch’s Enterprise, which manages tools, heavy equipment, materials and consumables. Authorized users can retrieve information from anywhere in the world.

Fully integrated system helps prevent theft
Bulletproof Electronics’ HeistProof system uses preventive theft technology to safeguard equipment. The system employs a combination of GPS and digital technology to manage all your company’s major assets, including equipment, personnel and time management, for a fully integrated approach.

Experience reduced insurance premiums with GPS system
Instantly locate and shut down stolen equipment from any computer with an Internet connection with Equipment GPS Protection’s Titan Equipment Monitoring System. The system immobilizes equipment at a predefined curfew and emits a silent alarm if the equipment is moved. The system also wirelessly reports the hour meter and location of equipment.

Recovery system uses RF technology
Track and recover stolen equipment with LoJack’s Stolen Vehicle Recovery System, which is based on Radio Frequency technology. RF technology works even if the equipment is hidden in dense foliage or in a building. The system is directly integrated with law enforcement.

Find equipment with wireless monitoring system
Manage equipment easily with Ayantra’s FleetQuip, an end-to-end wireless monitoring solution that reports each machine’s location, run hours and battery levels. The web-based, easy-to-use system has a geo-fence feature to alert you if the machine is moved beyond a user-defined boundary, and a curfew feature that alerts you if the machine is used during a prohibited time. The FleetQuip system uses new SirfSTAR III GPS chips that can operate when a machine is inside a garage.