MICO introduces the Full-Power Brake System, ABS, traction control

Mico Incorporated has introduced the first full-power brake system with ABS and traction control for multi-wheeled vehicles operated both on and off-highways. Thanks to the ABS enhancement vehicle control and stability are gained during braking as well as decreased stopping distances. Acceleration is also improved under low traction conditions thanks to the implementation of traction control. The system is easily adaptable to four-wheeled, six-wheeled and eight-wheeled applications.

The electronic control unit (ECU) controls wheel speed and brake line pressures with the systems sensors added to the machine. When wheel slip or lock-up occurs the ECU applies its’ embedded software algorithms making adjustments to improve the operator’s control of the vehicle. A computer with a USB-to-CAN dongle and Diagnostic Interface Software allows for various user levels that are password protected can be used to view diagnostic information and modify system parameters.