Product Focus: Pickup truck accessories

Eliminate weld defects with Auto-Crater feature
Featuring the most horsepower in their class, Miller Electric’s Bobcat and Trailblazer gas-powered welder/generators provide stronger welding output for running large diameter wires, faster travel speed and more power under heavy loads. Miller’s Auto-Crater feature helps eliminate crater-related weld defects.

Power winch includes heavy duty features
Winch up to 2,000 pounds with Thern’s Series 477 power winches. The 477 features an enclosed oil bath for continuous gear lubrication and an internal mechanical brake for positive load control. A 4-inch-wide drum ensures tight fleet angle installations.
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Change fluids quickly with Professional Series skid
Accommodate up to five different fluids and oils with Sage Oil Vac’s Professional Series skids. The tanks can handle more than 350 gallons of fluids and provides evacuation rates up to 5 gallons per minute. A vacuum and pressure fluid transfer system makes changing oil quick and easy.

Drawer sets install easily
Hold 500 pounds with Stellar Industries’ American Eagle drawer slides. Featuring an 18-inch extendible length, the American Eagle drawer set includes a locking T handle you can operate with one hand. Pre-punched mounting slots make installation simple.

Trailer hitch ball retracts when not in use
Switch from a hitch to a level bed with B&W Trailer Hitches’ Turnover Ball gooseneck hitch, rated for a 30,000-pound towing and a 7,500-pound tongue weight capacity. The ball stores upside down in the socket when not in use.

Underhood air compressor gets job done
Apply shotcrete quickly with VMAC’s VR140 underhood air compressor, which delivers up to 150 cfm or 175 psi. The VR140 weighs less than 220 pounds dry and can handle wet or dry mix jobs, and the under-the-hood installation frees deck space for other equipment.

Safely store electrical cable with heavy duty reel
Protect high-voltage cable with Hannay Reels’ heavy duty C Series, designed to store all types of electrical cable. The C Series comes in a gear-driven crank rewind model or chain and sprocket driven model powered by an electric, compressed air or hydraulic motor.

Telescoping crane features Auto II Speed technology
Reach higher and lift more with Service Trucks International’s Tiger Crane Model 1479, the largest in the company’s line of cranes. The 1479 offers a 29 1/2-foot reach and lifts 14,000 pounds. Auto II Speed technology limits the crane’s loaded top speed while allowing full resolution of the trigger on the wireless remote control.

Load and unload easily with 2,000-pound capacity pickup bed device
Handle bulky cargo with TK Loader’s Model 300HD, a stainless steel, 2,000-pound capacity unit. A winch hauls the cargo onto the deck for loading, while the angled deck enables easy unloading. The unit fits in all full-size pickups with long, short or stepside beds.

Dual pedestal reel features strength in a compact design
Get the stability of a dual pedestal reel in a compact design with Reelcraft’s new DP7000 Series. The DP7000 has a two-piece, non-welded, interlocking base that will not vibrate apart, making the reel suitable for vehicle mounted applications.

Dispose of waste oil easily with compact lube system
Turn a basic service truck into a mobile lube truck with the Lubemate Mechanics Skid by Valley Engineering. The Lubemate allows you to carry new oil and dispose of waste oil in a clean and efficient manner, and the compact design includes a hose reel cabinet.

Keep your motor cool with Oasis air compressor
Dramatically reduce operating temperature with Oasis Manufacturing’s XD4000 Series 12vdc air compressor. The XD4000 has a forced air motor, compressor cooling system and fan-cooled modified 5-horsepower electric motor.

Install cover with no drilling
Carry up to 400 pounds of cargo with DiamondBack’s Standard Edition 70-pound aluminum alloy truck bed cover. The SE installs with no drilling or track installation and features a three-panel design for access to either end of the truck bed.

Increase stability and maneuverability with heavy duty suspension
Enhance maneuverability with Haulmaax, Hendrickson’s heavy duty rubber suspension. Available in 40,000- and 46,000-pound capacities, Haulmaax provides 17 inches of diagonal wheel articulation to keep weight distributed throughout the drive wheel.

Heavy duty platform holds 1,800 pounds
Create a convenient work table and easy access to tools with Extendo Bed’s rollerized cargo platform. The platform features 1,200- to 1,800-pound capacity at 100 percent cargo bed extension, lock positions at 12-inch intervals and one hand operation.

Operate rake from the comfort of your cab
York’s new rake mounts to a pickup or SUV with a 2-inch receiver hitch, has an 8-foot maximum working width and angles 30 degrees left or right. The control box connects to a cigarette lighter or power supply port, enabling the operator to raise and lower the rake from the cab.

Transform your truck into an all-terrain vehicle
Get to the jobsite in any weather with Mattracks Model 200 Series rubber tracks. The 18-inch-wide tracks have a recommended gross vehicle weight of 20,500 pounds and fit on most 1-ton and larger pickups, including the Ford F550 and GM 5500 vehicle class, and are capable of speeds up to 40 mph.

Platform drop chain covers give quieter ride
Tommy Gate has added platform drop chain covers to its full line of liftgates, protecting chains from exposure to weather elements. The covers also provide a quieter ride by muffling the clanging noise created when the chains come in contact with one another.

Low-profile boxes provide plenty of space
Knaack’s Weather Guard low-profile aluminum truck boxes feature extra strength and durability to meet contractors’ needs. Designed to fit most full and compact pickups, the saddle boxes suspend across the side rails to allow room underneath. Corner support channels and a radius design on side panels provide additional strength.

Inverter provides 3,000 watts of continuous power
Run power tools, mobile office equipment and testing equipment without buzzing or humming with Carmanah’s Go Power! 3,000-watt power inverter. The Go Power! features a 6,000-watt surge, AC hardwire connectivity and a Powersave mode in a compact design.

Ramp holds up to 1,200 pounds
Replace your factory tailgate and eliminate bulky portable ramps with the HandiGate Ramp, an integrated set of 8 1/2-foot ramps with a 1,200-pound total distributed weight capacity.

Increase versatility with detachable truck body system
The Switch-N-Go detachable truck body system by Deist Industries features a hydraulically driven winch and hoist in a smaller size than many other detachable systems. The container and hoist are lightweight and cost effective for the medium-hauling market.

Safely lift 750 pounds with portable crane
Grablock’s HitchHoist portable truck crane assembles in minutes, fits into any standard 2-inch Class III or higher trailer hitch receiver and allows one person to lift up to 750 pounds. Powered by a 3,000-pound hydraulic ram, the crane requires no modifications to your truck.