World of Asphalt: New products from the purveyors of paving

Engine puts power, speed, torque behind paver
A 190-horsepower Cummins engine paired with a final drive that uses two hydraulic motors to deliver four speed ranges and shift-on-the-fly control gives the Vogele America 2219T paver a top travel speed of 10 mph and plenty of high-speed torque. The hopper accepts up to 225 cubic feet and the fully proportional feeder system features standard ultrasonic level sensors for precise control. The fumes extraction system provides a more comfortable operating environment without inhibiting the view of the augers. And the 2219T is available with four different screeds, including an electrically heated version.

Screed attachment smoothes transition from the mat
Mounted on the screed extension face against the end grate of any asphalt paver, the Shoulder Wedge Maker from TransTech forms a compacted tapered edge fillet. By creating a 30-degree slope off the edge of the mat it leaves a smooth, durable surface that allows vehicles to get back onto the road when a tire inadvertently runs off the mat.

Spray paver applies tack coat as needed
The Roadtec SP-200 asphalt spray paver gives you the ability to spray asphalt cement or emulsion directly in front of the asphalt mix before it is laid for NovaChip applications or traditional paving. As a conventional thick-lift paver the SP-200 solves the problem of truck traffic on tack coats because the tack and hot mix are applied in one operation by the paver. And the spray function can be switched off in applications where no tack coat is needed.

Hot air lance preps cracks prior to sealing
The Model B&C hot air lances from LAB Manufacturing prepare concrete and asphalt cracks prior to hot pour crack sealing. It uses flame-free high velocity hot air to eliminate moisture or dirt, leaving the area clean and dry. The units run off compressed air and vapor propane gas.

Software program replaces whiteboards
The latest release of Congistics’ ControlBoard resource scheduling and job management software, Version 2.1, includes a new cost tracking module. ControlBoard’s spreadsheet-style interface and drag-and-drop features replace whiteboard scheduling with the ease, flexibility and versatility of a computer-based system. Designed specifically for the commercial construction industry, the software can generate timesheets, track assets and resources, plan workloads, transmit to field managers and integrate with back office systems with a single click.

Road widener spreads material up to 6 feet
The Midland SP-6 self-propelled road widener spreads material up to 6 feet from the edge of the roadway. The 2.5-cubic-yard, fold-up hopper is equipped with a 15-inch, variable-speed, roller-chain-driven conveyor. A modular blade varies spread width from 1 to 6 feet with an optional hydraulic extension of 1 to 2 feet. The SP-6 will spread hot-mix asphalt or aggregate, travels up to 8 mph and has working speeds up to 150 feet per minute.

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Milling machine cuts deep, runs fast
Capable of gobbling up asphalt up to 13 inches deep in a single pass, the Wirtgen W 2000 milling machine has a 565-horsepower engine and allows front loading of rap for ease of operation. The machine weighs 63,931 pounds, cutting width measures 79 or 87 inches and the machine can mill at speeds of up to 180 feet per minute. Using Wirtgen’s Flexible Cutting System, different width cutter drums can be exchanged in minimal time.

Short wheelbase roller pounds out 4,000 vpm
Modeled after its bigger brothers, the new Sakai CR270 is a 35.4-inch-wide compact vibratory roller with a 4,000-vibration-per-minute frequency and 10 impacts per foot at a 4.55 mph ground speed. A combination of rear drum static forces and internal front drum vibration with centrifugal forces up to 2,975 pounds contribute to the CR270’s performance. The articulated center pivot steering ensures the front and rear drums track each other while providing consistent forces and densities over full rolling widths even when rounding curves. The hydrostatic transmission provides the dual drive system with longevity and durability.

New engines for new mainline pavers
The new Terex/Cedarapids CR500 series 10-foot pavers from Terex Roadbuilding sport a new 260-horsepower Cummins diesel engine. The six-cylinder, 24-valve design varies the fuel stream to use only the amount needed, resulting in a quieter engine. The increased power matches the demands of full-width paving and helps power electrically heated screeds. There are three pavers in the series – the CR552 rubber tire, the CR562 rubber track and the CR562S steel track. Base hopper capacity is 16.7 tons and inserts can hold up to 25 tons. The frame raise system raises and lowers the rear of the paver to fine tune the head of the material at the spreading augers, and the three-point suspension floats the pavers over sub base irregularities.

Maneuverability allows roller to work in various applications
The Stone WolfPac 6100 roller allows the operator to direct vibration to each drum individually or both drums together thanks to an electro-hydraulic circuit with a custom designed manifold. Driven by a 33.5-horsepower Kubota diesel engine, the roller’s 47- inch-wide drums offer 6,518 pounds of impact. The short wheelbase, centerpoint articulation and high curb and minimum wall clearance give the WolfPac 6100 good maneuverability in confined spaces.

Beefy cooling system runs quieter, draws less horsepower
Caterpillar’s new model AP-1000D wheeled asphalt paver uses a 167-horsepower engine and a high-capacity cooling system for paving in high ambient temperatures. The generous cooling system allows the variable-speed fan to run slower, reducing noise levels, power demand and fuel consumption. The hydrostatic propel system offers three modes: paving, travel and maneuver. The hopper holds 6.1 cubic meters and features a 10-foot-7-inch-wide truck entry width. Dual swing-out operator stations can be rotated into four different positions.

Dual-drum machine offers vibration up front, oscillation on rear drum
The HD O120V is the largest Hamm asphalt compactor in North America to use the company’s oscillation technology. With oscillation compaction, the drums vibrate forward and backward in the horizontal axis, rather than up and down, to keep from fracturing aggregate in cooling mixes and on seams. The HD O120V uses oscillation in the rear drum and conventional vibration in the front drums. The drums are 78 inches wide and weigh 26,345 pounds.