Articulating side grip speeds pile-driving process
Hercules Machinery’s Sonic SideGrip Vibratory Pile Driver eliminates the need for peripheral equipment used in the pile driving process.

  • Uses the excavator’s hydraulics to safely and quickly pick up, unload, place, drive and extract piling
  • Robotic grip picks up the sheet pile without assistance from a ground crew member
  • The operator can move the excavator across the jobsite, align the pile and drive it into place

Handles up to 45-foot utility poles
The EZ Spot Ur Heavy Duty Pole Setter eliminates the need for cranes
and slings.

  • Two independent jaws allow pickup and rotation of a 2,000-pound pole
  • If used for piling without rotation, the attachment can handle poles longer than 45 feet

Installs soil nails and tiebacks in a single pass
The 40-foot HEM-40ED drill from TEI allows for rapid installation, smaller crews and quick movement between drill holes.

  • 5-foot crowd cylinder
  • An 8,000-foot-pound class maximum allowable torque
  • 9,000- or 12,000-pound pullback
  • For use on 20-metric-ton or larger excavator

Snow plow attachment for skid steers and tractor loaders
The Sno-Way 29TSKD Trip-Edge Series are 29 inches tall with 10-inch high trip edge design found on truck mounted models.

  • Skid steer and tractor attachment plate has center A-frame float linkage that lets the blade travel with the ground contour
  • Uses auxiliary hydraulics on skid steer or tractor loader and quick coupler hose connections with angle cylinder crossover relief valves
  • Interchangeable poly, steel and stainless steel blade skins

Tie-back attachment mounts on excavator
Instead of buying a tie-back rig with integrated carrier, use a tie-back attachment from Bay Shore Systems.

  • The excavator-mounted attachment operates by joysticks located in the machine’s cab
  • Attachment gives you more versatility in drilling berms, side walls or working on narrow benches while doing retaining walls
  • Custom made for your excavator and your drilling requirements

Scoop plow comes in 8- and 9-foot widths
Hiniker offers a split trip-edge scoop plow with 20-degree fixed angle outer ends for greater capacity.

  • Three-section trip-edge with a 9-inch-high pivot point
  • Features high-impact, polyethylene moldboard
  • Comes with conventional plow or V-plow capacity

50-foot drill uses up to 84-inch auger
The REV drill can be used in a variety of applications, including caissons, sound walls, pre-drilling/shoring, soil nails, tie backs, dewatering and auger casts.

  • Mounts easily to most excavators
  • 45-minutes-or-less change out of attachment
  • New down hole hammer drill set-up

Truck conveyors make quick work out of road shouldering
HTC’s Model 20000 Hydraulic Truck Conveyor has 2-foot-wide leveling capabilities, allowing you to apply and level material in one step.

  • Designed for narrow widths
  • Controlled with valve manifold and 25-foot pendant control
  • Can go from 1-foot to 2-foot width, or you can add an extension to allow the width to reach 3 feet

Winch powered by host hydraulic system
Applied Power Products’ pipebursting winches can be powered directly by the hydraulic system on mobile equipment.

  • More than 50 standard models
  • Automatic brakes
  • Single handle controls increase productivity

Renew older ditches or build new ones
Wetland Equipment offers a variety of ditchers for wetlands and marsh environments.

  • Can spoil cast up to 70 feet away from ditches, which eliminates the spoil coming back in the ditch, allowing the ditch to stay open longer
  • Builds new ditches at the rate of 2,000 to 3,000 feet per hour, dependent on soil conditions
  • Designed to be easily mounted to excavators at the bucket point

Screening bucket fits mid-size excavators, loaders
Giberson Enterprises’ Flip Screen is a trammel-style screening bucket.

  • Suitable for 20-ton excavators or larger and loaders with at least a 2-cubic-yard bucket capacity
  • Scoop up the material, turn on auxiliary hydraulic and the attachment will process the material

Single-handle controls simplify operation
Allied Power Products offer a variety of hydraulically powered line sagging winch systems.

  • Available in single or multi-drum configurations
  • Single-handle controls and automatic breaks simplify operation
  • More than 50 standard winch models

Screen, mix and crush what’s on site
National Attachments’ MISU Mobile Integrated Screening Unit eliminates multiple handling costs when processing soil, loam, clay, sand, salt and gravel.

  • Patented spinning rotor system allows smaller particles to fall through while holding back larger debris
  • Floating rotors shed material that would otherwise stick to the rotors
  • Can process and mix both wet and dry materials

Process a variety of materials
The Allu SM mixing, aerating, screening, pulverizing, crushing and shredding attachment can attach to skid steers, backhoes, excavators and wheel loaders.

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  • 48 different models, with screening sizes starting from 1-inch minus to 5-inch minus
  • No extra hydraulics needed, just use third-valve hydraulics on host machines
  • Homogeneous screening of materials

High-torque drills aimed at power line construction
Bay Shore Systems now offers three high-torque models in its LoDril DH Series product line: the 62,000-foot-pound DH-60; the 84,000-foot-pound DH-84 and the 110,000-foot-pound DH-100.

  • Low-clearance rigs turn large diameter augers in tough soil conditions
  • Designed for upgrading and replacing high-voltage transmission lines
  • Can reach depths of up to 80 feet

Spreaders offer efficient de-icing
The SKD10HS hydraulic salt spreader from Sno-Way uses auxiliary skid steer or tractor hydraulics for fast de-icing in parking lots, loading docks and walkways.

  • 10.25-cubic-foot capacity spreader has an adjustable flow control valve to regulate the spinner speed
  • Adjustable stainless steel deflectors resist corrosion and direct salt from 4 to 30 feet
  • Positive-close to full-open flow control gate can be adjusted to regulate spread material use