Product Focus: Lasers

Grade control system adaptable for several machines
Apache’s Tornado F2 automatic grade control can be installed on different earthmoving and grading machines such as dozers, skid steers, motor graders, box blades and scrapers. The system has two Bullseye laser receivers mounted above the cutting edge of the blade and a dual control box mounted in the cab. The control box works with most hydraulic valves. The Tornado F2 also has a large LCD screen to indicate laser and receiver position and system status. The operator can access a user menu on the screen to adjust accuracy, hydraulic speed and reference elevation. Multi-function switches control adjustments for grade matching and elevation offsets.

Lightweight rover useful for one-person stakeout
With an RX900 controller and a GPS antenna, Leica Geosystems’ GPS900 is an all-on-the-pole rover. Featuring flexible, user-friendly software and lightweight construction, the GPS900 can be used for one-person stakeout, foundation and drainage work, topographic jobs and as-built surveys. A VGA touchscreen allows the operator to access the icon-based, graphical onboard software. The GPS900 is also compatible with other Leica equipment, including the TPS400, TPS800 and System 1200 TPS and GPS.

New grade laser includes wireless remote control
Trimble’s Spectra Precision grade levels are available in two models – the single grade GL412 and the dual grade GL422. Both models offer horizontal level, grade and vertical plumb setup with no manual leveling. With a grade range of -10 to +15 percent, the lasers can be used for a variety of slope applications. Features include a two-way, full-function remote control with a built-in backlit grade display, which allows the operator to perform functions such as grade reverse on both axes up to 330 feet from the laser. The lasers also include automatic temperature and grade compensation for accuracy in any weather or geographical location.

Steep slopes no match for long range laser
Laser Reference now offers two models of the Pro Shot laser – the AS2 and the AS2 Magnum slope laser systems for grading, sewer lines, excavating or drainage applications. The electronic servo leveling ensures the desired level is achieved with the turn of a dial. The lasers are self-leveling, have a +/- 4-degree leveling range and a slope capability range of 0 to 25 percent with .01 percent increments. The AS2 and AS2 Magnum have 2,000- and 3,330-foot operating areas, respectively. Both models include a receiver.

Excavator depth monitor features two references
Ocala Instruments’ depth monitor has two separate references that can be used simultaneously, enabling the operator to measure depth from the rotating laser and local measures with the bucket tip at the same time. The two-reference feature is especially useful when digging foundations with different levels, as the operator can dig the correct depth with the laser light, measure horizontal widths or slopes locally and revert to the laser mode without losing the reference. Ocala’s depth monitor installs easily on all major brands of excavators.

Laser combination kit is all-in-one system
The Agatec 220 laser combination kit is a complete solo leveling system featuring a horizontal self-leveling laser, detector and tripod with quick-attach rod. One-touch electronic leveling makes setup simple. The Agatec 220 offers manual and semi-automatic grade modes, electronic field calibration and a 1,000-foot-diameter working range with 1/8-inch accuracy at 100 feet. An efficient motor design allows the Agatec 220 to run a month on two flashlight batteries.

Dual grade laser has four rotation modes
AGL’s GradoPlane 10 features four rotation modes – level, for placing concrete and leveling footings; vertical, for layout and plumb transfer; single slope, for site prep and drain lines; and dual slope, for compound grades up to 10 percent. The GradoPlane 10 can also be used as a pipe laser for grades up to 10 percent and runs up to 100 feet. The laser also has one-touch fully automatic leveling, a waterproof metal housing and an RF remote control, which the operator can use to electronically calibrate the laser.

Laser has wireless remote range of 1,000 feet
Topcon Positioning Systems improves on its RT-5S series with the RT-5SW, a new long range dual slope laser with remote control operation from distances up to 1,000 feet. With the wireless remote, the operator can verify adjustments from the cab of the machine. The laser also has the SmartLine automatic guide alignment system, an automatic grade matching feature and five-arc-second accuracy.

Laser screedhead attachment allows 90-degree rotation
A 14.5-foot head attachment is now available for Somero Enterprises’ SXP Laser Screed. The screedhead allows concrete contractors to maneuver around obstacles by rotating the head almost 90 degrees. According to the company, rotating the head and the boom simultaneously lets operators pick up 7 to 10 seconds on every pass. The wider screedhead also gives operators 40 square feet per pass more and provides a wider and flatter strike off than previous models.