Product Focus: Horizontal grinders

Compact grinder produces mulch in one pass
Process and size material in one pass with Vermeer’s HG200 compact horizontal grinder designed for confined urban areas. The HG200 features an 85-horsepower turbocharged Cummins diesel engine and the SmartFeed control system, which automatically stops or reverses the feed rollers and infeed conveyor in response to a drop in engine rpm. The grinder’s hammermill drum can process light contaminants such as nails, aggregates and glass fragments. The HG200 features a 17-inch wide, 4-foot-long infeed conveyor belt and a side discharge conveyor belt with an optional magnetic tail pulley to keep metal contaminants out of the mulch. At a gross weight of 5,500 pounds, the HG200 can be towed with a 1-ton truck.

XT Teeth chew more material and last hundreds of hours
Now standard on Bandit Industries’ Beast recyclers are Extender Teeth – a line of fan teeth with a raker in front of the cutting device to limit material falling below to the cutter bodies or attachment. The XT fan teeth control the length of the cut, keeping the Beast’s bite to a maximum of 3/4 inch. Combined with a high-torque drive and the cuttermill, the XT teeth allow the machine to use 30 percent less fuel per cubic yard than grinders without fan teeth. The XT teeth also push more material through the screens and extend the life of the cutter bodies, the bolts and the mill. The teeth can also be purchased separately to fit current machines.

Magnum Force grinds wood fast
Boost productivity with CBI’s Magnum Force 6800, a horizontal grinder with a 1,000-horsepower Caterpillar 3412 engine and an upswing rotor turning at 1,400 rpm. Weighing in at 78,000 pounds, the Magnum Force grinds wood as fast as a 30-inch chipper can chip wood, according to the company. The grinder is equipped with the Intelligrind operating system featuring automatic variable feed speed and upper feed roll adjustments tied to engine load and a communications system with real-time system diagnostics, analysis and operating program adjustments. The hog box has split reinforced housing and bolt-in, replaceable Hardox wear liners. The upswing motor is shear pin protected and has 24 bolt-on hammers.

Process large stumps with grinder’s ample feed opening
With a 50-by-66-inch feed opening, Peterson’s Model 6710B track-mounted horizontal grinder can process large stumps once suitable only for tub grinders. The 6710B has a 1,000-horsepower Caterpillar 3412E diesel engine and an upturning rotor to power a three-stage grinding process. The Adaptive Control System II controls all components of the feed system by monitoring the grinding load and varying the speed of the system. The grinder also features the Impact Release System, which after a severe impact opens the anvil and first grate to eject any contaminants, then re-latches for continuous grinding. The Impact Cushion System allows movement of the compression roll/anvil housing pivot shaft to cushion impacts caused by contaminants in the feed material. Shear pins above the cushion and a sensing circuit that stops the engine help protect the shaft from catastrophic damage caused by a severe impact.

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HZL Series features multiple configurations for a custom grinder
Choose from a variety of options with CW Mill Equipment’s HZL Series HogZilla grinders. The HZL grinders are configured in stationary, portable or track-mounted arrangements with engines ranging from 400 to 1,050 horsepower, and can be equipped with different mill drive systems, including wet clutch, hydraulic coupling or torque converter. Select a drag chain, rubber belt or metal-pan belt feeder system and a 44-inch single-feed wheel or dual feed rollers for a custom grinder. Hammermill options include HogZilla’s Super Colossal Mill.

Redesigned Wood Hog has 14-percent larger hammermill
The redesigned 4600XL Wood Hog is larger than Morbark’s previous horizontal grinder models, with an increase in hammermill size of 14 percent and a 36-inch tip swing. The Wood Hog features a 60-inch infeed opening and power options up to 860 horsepower. Additional features include an internal planetary drive feed wheel with no chains or sprockets and a pegged feed wheel to prevent wrapping. The Iqan System is standard on the Wood Hog and features an easy-to-operate programming tool allowing the operator to adjust feed systems from the control panel while keeping the engine load constant. Factory service technicians can access machine functions on the grinder and diagnose problems with the optional satellite modem.

Contain debris with DuraTech horizontal tub grinder
DuraTech Industries’ 9564 industrial horizontal tub grinder features a 40-by-60 1/2-inch feed opening for grinding trees and large stumps. The hammermill’s downward drive allows operators to grind close to streets and residential areas without scattering debris. The 9564 has a 950-horsepower Caterpillar C27 engine and a 12,100-pound hammermill with 24 hammers for heavy duty grinding. The grinder also features an oscillating 48-inch wide stacking conveyor, a 42-inch diameter feed roller and a hopper capacity of 315 cubic feet.