Product Focus: Locating systems

Easily locate over and around obstacles
Working in collaboration with Digital Control, Vermeer Manufacturing now offers the DigiTrak LT underground locating system. Lightweight and user friendly, the LT’s compact design makes locating over and around obstacles easy. Suited for shallow depths, the unit offers a 15-foot transmitter for smaller-diameter mini drill rig housings. The system also has an adapter for the short-range transmitter to fit into standard housings. With a standard range of 35 feet, the unit can also be used for larger rigs or on longer shots. The LT pairs well with the Vermeer D6x6 Navigator horizontal directional drill, designed for curb-to-house installations.

Pistol-grip receivers can be stored in tool belt
Schonstedt Instrument’s XTpc33 utility locator operates at 33 kilohertz, the most useful frequency for locating underground power lines. The 33-kilohertz sonde accessory – for use in pipes and lines – gives the locator added versatility for those who work mainly with power lines. The lightweight, portable locators have pistol-grip receivers that weigh 2.5 pounds and are easily carried on the provided tool belt. When in use, these receivers extend to a full 26 inches. The transmitters are about the size of a large candy bar and can be carried in a shirt pocket. Truly one handed, the receivers make use of simple thumb controls and large LCD screens with arrows and bar graphs that guide the user and continuously monitor signal strength.

Check behind mandated locates
The PL-920 pipe and cable locator from Subsurface Instruments features an analog meter, depth indication, 50/60-cycle passive locating, and offers both inductive and conductive modes. Trace any continuous metal pipe, line or tracer wire on plastic lines for up to 5,000 feet on copper. Also available is a Sewer Sonde mini-transmitter. The locator can be used to check behind mandated locates.

Get depth calculations to 30 feet deep
McLaughlin’s Verifier G2 digital locator provides quick, accurate line location and depth calculations of utilities to 30 feet deep. It uses a smart transmitter technology to simplify locating. The locator’s drop-the-box inductive locating technology allows you to quickly verify one-call marks before non-destructive exposure of the lines. Its lightweight receiver displays line location and depth on a large backlit LCD screen. You can choose the null mode for quick line tracing, or the peak mode for accurate depth measurement. A transmitting coil clamp eliminates the need for multiple size coil clamps and allows it to be used on previously inaccessible U guards on telephone poles.

Attain deeper ground penetration in search of what’s underneath
The UtilityScan-270 by Geophysical Survey Systems is a robust utility locating system designed to provide deeper ground penetration – 20 feet or more – in search of metallic and non-metallic utilities. It can also locate plastic and terracotta pipelines, cables, voids, tree roots, underground storage tanks and other subsurface features.

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4.5-pound receiver easily carried throughout the day
The Subsite 950R/T system can quickly and accurately locate buried telephone, power, CATV, gas, sewer and water lines in most jobsite conditions. The Ditch Witch product has a 4.5-pound receiver ergonomically designed to make it easy to carry throughout the day. Controls are positioned for convenient one-hand operation and simplified left/right arrow configurations help you understand where utilities are located. Locating modes include active, passive and beacon for greater versatility, and a target identification feature helps you locate lines in congested areas.