Product Focus: Landscape/Site prep

Silt fence machine maneuvers excellently
Carpenter Erosion Control’s Tommy silt fence machine attaches to skid steers and tractors. The manufacturer says the technology of the attachment allows it to consume little horsepower and provide excellent maneuverability, a combination that translates into productivity.

Box rakes capable of laser-guided grading
Harley Attachments is offering new features on its line of tractor-powered box rakes. The attachments now have a modular 7-foot design, and the TM-7 is capable of laser-guided precision grading. Dual, independently adjustable gauge wheels allow for skim passes or for adjusting to cut drainage grades. A roll-back barrier allows you to quickly react to soil moisture.

Landscape rake removes stones, twigs while prepping soil
The McLaughlin Group’s landscape rake attaches to standard mini skid steers and can mill, fill, mix, grade, clean, pulverize and spread material. With the rake’s soil prep tines you can prepare surfaces to a depth of 11/2 inches. Replaceable digging tines that will prepare surfaces up to 5 inches deep are available. The rake features a removable catch basket, allowing you to filter stones, twigs and other debris while prepping soil. Without the basket, the rake can fluff mulch beds or dethatch grassy areas before overseeding.

Hydraulic angling possible with landscape rake
The Model RI landscape rake is the first in York Rakes’ line to have a hydraulic-angling option. The manual angle link provides five positions with a maximum of 30 degrees right or left. Infinite angle positions are possible with the hydraulic-angle option. The rakes are available in 6-, 7- and 8-foot widths, and rake teeth can be 1 inch or 11/4 inch long.

Firm up soft soil with stabilization system
Allu’s stabilization system remediates contaminated soil and transforms clay, peat, sludge and other soft soil into solid layers. The PM Power Mix hydraulic excavator attachment processes material to a depth of 16 2/5 feet, while the PF Pressure Feeder injects binding agent into the ground through a pipe during the mixing process. The data acquisition system measures, controls and reports on the stabilization process.

Plow installs silt fence at up to 200 feet per minute
The Silt Fence Plow from McCormick buries silt fence 6 to 20 inches in the ground at a rate of up to 200 feet per minute. A replaceable, hard-surface plow point creates a 2-inch slot for the fence, while a spring-loaded coulter cuts through tree roots and vegetation to keep the knife free of debris. A positive-feed helps eliminate fence waste by applying tension to the material. The attachment’s short-turn rear pivot design allows it to make j-hooks at fence ends and place fencing around storm sewer inlets. It mounts on light tractors with Category I and II three-point hitches and skid-steer loaders.

Eliminate manual labor with landscape rake
Made by Loegering, the Eliminator skid steer grading rake is ideal for small, tight areas that would otherwise require hours of manual labor. It is available with 12- or 13-inch teeth the manufacturer says can loosen even the hardest soils. You can scarify and level in forward and reverse. The Eliminator is available in four sizes: 42 inches, 4 feet, 6 feet and 7 feet.

Remove old trees and plant new with spade attachment
The FFC Tree Spade for skid steers, backhoe loaders, wheel loaders and utility loaders quickly removes old stumps and transports and places new trees and shrubbery with minimal labor. Available in 36-, 40-, 42-, 44- and 48-inch root ball sizes, the tree spade is constructed of 3/8-inch plate with a sharp, tapered edge for digging holes.

Twice the mulching power
Fecon’s dedicated forestry mulcher is designed to work on the company’s line of track carrier machines. The FTX130-FM mulcher has a 130-horsepower motor, which Fecon says is almost twice as much available power as competitive mulchers. Standard FTX130-FM features include a severe-duty hydraulic cooler.

Hitch a ride safely with offset mower hitch
The Handy Hitch offset mower hitch allows your tractor to stay on level road while the mower cuts along steep slopes, decreasing the risk of rollovers. Bolted onto the ditch-side axle, the skid plate allows the hitch to be pulled through areas of heavy moisture. The design of the hitch, which attaches to any brand of rotary mower, also prevents it from getting caught on the edge of a culvert or hole.

Post driver uses own oil reservoir
The Shaver OH-100 post driver for skid steers drives a 4- to 5-inch steel or wood post in 10 to 15 seconds. It has its own 5-gallon oil reservoir and requires 10 to 15 gallons per minute of hydraulic flow. The attachment requires only two hydraulic hookups.

Plant seeds or de-ice with pull-behind attachment
Land Pride’s Plot Ranger breaks up soil and spreads seeds, then presses them into the ground with a fluted roller/packer. You can also use it to spread fertilizer, lime, gypsum, sand or salt at distances ranging from 4 to 20 feet. Small compact utility tractors, off-road utility vehicles and ATVs can pull the implement, which you can raise out of the working position and onto transport wheels manually or with a 12-volt lift system.

Silt fence installers can bury fabric 20 inches deep
The XT-Series silt fence installers from Burchland Mfg. install 36- to 48-inch fabric to a depth of 20 inches. Burchland offers the XT-Series with a quick-attach plate or three-point hitch for mounting to skid steers or tractors. The silt fence installers feature a transport lock, compression centering springs, a solid-steel hinge with 1-inch pin, a replaceable hardened steel blade point, a snag-free fabric chute and adjustable fabric roll retaining plate.

Power rake tackles multiple jobs
The Alitec PR8400X power rake from Woods Equipment can prepare landscape seed beds, groom gravel driveways, repair roadway shoulders and remove rocks and debris on grading jobs. Designed for skid steers, the PR8400X features a carbide-tooth roller with a blunt tooth shape that gives seedbeds superior moisture retention and release. The rake’s frame sits above the roller, preventing the frame and motor guard from plowing through seedbeds.

Mechanical roller levels keep costs low, production high
Combining a box blade with a roller level in an all-mechanical design, the new John Deere Worksite Pro RL66 and RL84 Roller Levels perform landscape and site prep work without having to be hooked up to the carrier’s hydraulics. The cutting edge shaves the surface of the soil, creating a good bed for seeding or leveling with the box blade. And unlike a power rake, the roller levels don’t disturb the sub-surface soil, leaving it compacted for asphalt or concrete jobs.

Round up and rid sites of rocks fast
Mounted in place of a bucket, the Loftness Kwik-Pik Rockpicker removes rocks and debris from 2 inches to 2 feet in diameter. The hydraulically driven reel requires 6-gallons-per-minute hydraulic flow, used intermittently.