JCB backhoe gets top slot in Discovery Channel series

The JCB backhoe loader was voted the world’s No. 1 earthmover by a panel of experts for “The Greatest Ever,” a television series that airs on the Discovery Channel Canada.

“The Greatest Ever” is a top 10 series the Discovery Channel describes as a celebration of human achievement that takes a fast-paced, informative and irreverent look at the marvels of modern technology. The series has also covered sports cars, motorcycles, tanks and fighter planes.

During the diggers episode, the overall performance of the JCB backhoe was compared to that of nine others. The panel also took into consideration the machines’ features and technical data.

Selecting the top 10 is done through an independent survey by the producers of the series, and companies are not allowed to enter machines into the contest, said Jenifer Duggan, public relations manager for JCB.

“It’s not necessarily the biggest and the most powerful that comes out on top,” equipment expert Eric Orlman said during the episode. “Sometimes it’s the smallest and most versatile that comes in at No. 1.”

The company’s founder Joseph C. Bamford pioneered the machine more than 50 years ago and it has undergone numerous innovations.

The episode on diggers will air Nov. 3 at 8 p.m. EST.