Wacker increasing generator production after hurricane

Wacker has shipped all its available generators to areas of the Gulf Coast struck by Hurricane Katrina and is ramping up production of the machines.

“Wacker is doing everything within our power to build generators as quickly as possible,” said Chris Barnard, president and chief executive of the company. “Obviously, all of us want to help and as a generator manufacturer, providing much-needed power is how we can aid in the relief efforts.”

The company said in a press release it has shipped hundreds of portable and mobile generators and pumps to customers in the devastated region. Newly manufactured units will be shipped to dealers in the area as soon as possible. Wacker has also sent field service trainers to the region to assist customers. “We understand that many people operating these generators have never done so before and our dealers in the area will need additional assistance in keeping the units running at top performance,” said Dave Christifulli, vice president of product support for the company.