Army Corps contracting for hurricane recovery work

In the wake of Hurricane Katrina, the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers is contracting for emergency debris clearance, construction of temporary roads and bridges and a variety of repair and structural stabilization work in southern Louisiana and Mississippi.

Federal labor standards, including the Davis-Bacon Act, which requires prevailing wages, will be enforced on the projects.

Congress approved a $10.5 billion aid package Sept. 2 to help the Gulf Coast recover from the catastrophe.

Meanwhile, the U.S. Army, Coast Guard, federal and state authorities and private contractors are working alongside the Corps of Engineers to bring material and equipment including cranes and excavating machines to breaches in New Orleans’ levee system and damaged navigable waterways, according to an Aug. 31 Corps statement.

In support of the Federal Emergency Management Agency, the Army Corps of Engineers is contacting for:

· Emergency clearance of debris to allow reconnaissance and movement of emergency personnel and equipment

· Temporary construction of emergency access routes, including streets, roads, bridges, ports, waterways, airfields and any other facilities necessary for passage of rescue personnel

· Restoration of critical public services and facilities including water supply systems

· Demolition or stabilization of damaged structures and facilities as designated by state or local governments

· Power generation at critical sites (hospitals, shelters, etc.)

· Construction of temporary roofing and temporary housing

· Technical assistance and damage assessment, including structural inspections

· Dewatering (assist the State of Louisiana by performing and or contracting for the dewatering of the City of New Orleans and the greater metropolitan area)

The Corps of Engineers has conducted aerial reconnaissance of the region and observed most houses have major roof damage. The Corps says it expects roofing to be a huge mission.

New Orleans-based contracting and labor standards staffs for the Corps have been relocated to Vicksburg, Miss.

Contractors interested in participating in recovery efforts in Mississippi should call (601) 631-5814 or (601) 631-7262. For information about Louisiana disaster relief work call (901) 544-3117 or (901) 544-3116.