Hamm oscillation compaction technology

Unlike conventional compactors that bounce the drum up and down, the technology Hamm uses on the new HD 0120V and the HD 070V compactors ensures that the drum maintains constant contact with the ground for faster, more efficient compaction. Two eccentric masses in the HD 070V and four in the HD 0120V turn in the same direction, causing a movement around the drum axles. The movement changes its direction of effect during each turn, which creates an oscillating or rocking effect that transmits horizontal forces into the pavement.
The 12-ton HD 0120V has a 76-inch-wide double drum with an operating weight of 26,345 pounds, an oscillating rear drum and vibrating front. The 8-ton HD 070V weighs 16,325 pounds with a 59-inch-wide double drum, articulated configuration and an offset working width of 62.5 inches. Also new from Hamm: 3412 VIO soil compactor