Built-in-sealant tires extend truck uptime in harsh applications

Demolition and recycling contractors take heart: Flat truck tires can be a thing of the past if you spec Goodyear vocational tires with the company’s new DuraSeal puncture resistant technology. According to Goodyear research, truck tires with DuraSeal last up to six times longer than conventional tires in harsh applications before they need to be removed for repair.

Goodyear has developed a gel-like, solvent-free rubber compound built into the inner liner of the tire. Colored yellow for easy identification during retread procedures, this gel consistently and instantaneously seals punctures up to 1/4 inch in diameter in the tire’s tread area. In fact, Goodyear maintains DuraSeal is so effective it performs better than aftermarket tire sealants such as plugs. And because DuraSeal seals a puncture immediately, there is no need to break tires down or clean up after repairing a tire.

Initially, DuraSeal technology will be offered in Goodyear’s new Unisteel G287 MSA and G288 MSA mixed-service tires designed for logging, landfill, construction, road building and other severe service applications. DuraSeal technology adds 5 to 7 pounds weight per tire and will cost an additional 25 to 30 percent over conventional tires.