Volvo acquires Echo Industries

Volvo Construction Equipment announced June 30 it has acquired the engine remanufacturing assets of Echo Industries, of Charlotte, N.C. Echo is the primary supplier of remanufactured engines to Volvo CE in North America.

Scott Hall, executive vice president of sales and marketing for Volvo CE, said remanufactured parts for Volvo construction equipment play a major role in strengthening the company’s customer service.

Volvo’s current remanufactured parts program works by quickly replacing a broken part with a like-new component that has the same guarantee as a new part. If something breaks down, Volvo equipment owners are asked to order a factory remanufactured exchange component from the dealer. If the part isn’t available at that dealer, it is shipped to the equipment owner, who then sends his defective component to Volvo for remanufacturing. This process, according to Volvo, lessens downtime waiting for a part to be fixed.

When Volvo remanufactures a broken equipment component, it is restored to “like new” condition and is also modified to the latest version of the part with technical improvements. During the remanufacturing process, the part is thoroughly cleaned and inspected and worn parts are replaced. Subcomponents are then reworked and modified to the latest version, reassembled and tested. During the test protocol, each factory-remanufactured component must past performance tests and quality requirements. If it passes, it is then repainted and delivered to a Volvo dealer.

Although the price is lower for factory-remanufactured parts, both new and remanufactured components have the same warranty because the dimensions and tolerances of the remanufactured components have to pass the same tests as new engine parts.

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