Single-axle, trailer-mounted shredder puts recycling on the road

For mobility and quick setup, Shred Max has created a single-axle, trailer-mounted version of its 56SD shredder and dubbed it the Mobile Max. Available with air brakes and a fifth-wheel kingpin or pintle-ring hookup, the Mobile Max can be pulled with a highway tractor, dump truck or roll-off truck. The sprung, single-axle design with four full-size, 11-inch-by-22.5-inch tires allow you to haul the Mobile Max through soft ground and muddy conditions with good flotation and minimum rutting. The unit has a 5-foot-4-inch-high, 10-foot-6-inch-wide clearance underneath to accommodate most 20- and 30-cubic-yard containers. Powered by a Caterpillar 60- or 120-horsepower diesel engine, the Mobile Max uses slow-speed, high-torque processing that produces little dust and minimum noise for operation in populated areas with tough environmental standards. Electric-motor-driven versions are also available.