Hong Kong experiments with paving bricks made out of construction waste

Polytechnic University, which has developed a technology that converts recycled construction waste into paving bricks and blocks, is set to sign its first licensing agreement with a manufacturer for this product, according to a report in the South China Morning Post.

The building blocks have been patented in Britain and will be produced by K. Wah Construction Material of Hong Kong. The university road tested the paving bricks over the past 12 months in high-traffic pedestrian areas and found them comparable with conventional bricks.

According to a professor in the university’s department of civil and structural engineering, the bricks have the potential to remove a significant percentage of granular construction material destined for the city’s landfill. Environmental officials have said that if waste reduction targets are not met and a percentage of the estimated 10,000 metric tons per day of construction waste is not diverted to other uses, the city could run out of landfill space in as little as five years.