Spot-r EquipTag and Clip give contractors non-GPS solution for equipment tracking
Tom Jackson | December 27, 2017

The Spot-R EquipTag identifies the machine, it’s operation and location.

Keeping track of stuff and people on busy jobsites is hard. GPS driven telematics systems can help, but as the phrase implies, require “systems.”

The Spot-r EquipTag from Triax Technologies tracks operator identity, equipment location and utilization indoors or out, without the need for a clear line of sight to the sky—in other words without satellite-dependent GPS.  When the machine tag is combined with the company’s Spot-r Clip wearable sensor and Spot-r network, you have complete, real-time information on where the equipment and people are, what they’re doing and the safety parameters.

The Spot-r Clip wearable sensor IDs your people so you get immediate alerts if an unauthorized or untrained person tries to operate a machine. The Spot-r EquipTag adheres to any piece of equipment and automatically collects activity and utilization data to provide information you can use to coordinate rentals, optimize schedules, improve safety and compliance, and schedule delivery or service vehicles.

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The Spot-r Clip is worn by and identifies the worker.

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