Sinkhole swallows backhoe in Montreal
Wayne Grayson | August 13, 2013
backhoe sinkhole Montreal

Credit: Christine Muschi/Reuters

A sinkhole measuring 26 long and 10 feet deep swallowed a backhoe performing sewer repairs in downtown Montreal last week. The driver of the backhoe was not injured, according to a report from the CBC.

backhoe sinkhole Montreal

Credit: CBC

The cause of the street collapse is thought to be the faulty sewer pipe the crew at the site had shown up to repair.

A report of a water leak at the spot of the collapse prompted the repair.

Business owners in the area told the CBC that they had warned Montreal city officials about the leak, but were told the pipes were fine.

The next day, two cranes were brought in to lift the backhoe from the hole.

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