RWIS Software Powerful, User-friendly Interface for Viewing Data
Equipment World Staff | October 1, 2009

A Road / Runway Weather Information System (RWIS) collects vital information from pavement, weather and traffic sensors.

This data is needed for effective highway and airport maintenance operations. Viewing your RWIS data is just as important as the system collecting it. With RWIS user software solutions from QTT your RWIS data is easily viewed using standard Internet technologies. This means you view your RWIS data in the same manner you would view a web site, which means the software is easy to learn. Viewing RWIS data quickly and easily enables maintenance and operations personnel to monitor changing weather conditions in real time and make informed and timely decisions.














  • User-friendly 
  • Provides valuable weather information for decision-making
  • Real-time data 
  • Variety of software packages to meet your needs






  • Departments of Transportation or agencies with large RWIS networks and one or more servers 
  • City/County street departments with just a few RWIS sites 
  • Airports 
  • Agencies or airports requiring a web-hosted data solution 
  • PC-based software for agencies or airports with limited budgets




  • Monitor trouble spots/known problem areas
  • Uses standard Internet technologies to display data elements
  • Displays RWIS data parameters – current and historical
  • Tabular data displays
  • Three software options to fit your needs and budget
  • Optional traffic applications
  • Integrated mapping feature to easily see all sites

RWIS Software Options

Scan Web




  • Reliable software capable of handling large amounts of data

  • Displays all RWIS data parameters – from current pavement status to still video images
  • Live streaming video available
  • Capable device control, such as activating fixed anti-icing spray systems, flashing beacons, or other roadside devices (activation data is recorded for reference)
  • Ideal for large RWIS networks with one or more servers

RWIS Online Navigator

  • QTT hosts your RWIS data

  • Data is viewed using a password protected web site
  • No server necessary, which saves money and eliminates the hassle of network system administration delays due to security, firewall limitations, or other computer technology issues
  • RWIS data is accessible from work or home
  • Live streaming video available
  • Communication costs can be included as an option
  • Regular system status reports prepared by the QTT Service Team

Scan PC

  • Unique software display that allows you to view RWIS data from a PC

  • Less expensive than a traditional server-based system
  • Supports data from up to four RWIS sites
  • Perfect system for smaller agencies with limited budgets


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