4 years of Goethals Bridge construction in 3 minutes

Updated Mar 25, 2019
Screen shot.Screen shot.

The time-lapse video below, taken by EarthCam for the Port Authority of New York & New Jersey, shows the entire construction process for the $1.5 billion Goethals Bridge Replacement project from 2014 to 2108. The two new bridges replaced the old bridge between Elizabeth, New Jersey, and Staten Island, New York.

It’s fascinating to watch the two sides of the bridge come together and meet in the middle. As each section of the bridge is put into place, the bridge sags just a bit before a new set of cables is attached for support. Viewers can also watch the old bridge being taken down piece by piece.

The Goethals Bridge Replacement not only won an ENR New York Best Projects award in the highway/bridge category and the Excellence in Safety award, but was also chosen unanimously by judges as ENR New York’s Project of the Year for 2018.