Remnants of old Tenn. iron bridge imploded

Updated Jan 17, 2018
Screenshot from YouTube video.Screenshot from YouTube video.

The video below shows the implosion of the remaining iron spans of the Hoskins-Jarnagin Bridge in Dandridge, Tenn. on December 21, 2017. The Standard Banner reports that the old, narrow bridge, which was completed in 1944, was removed to make way for a new $29 million concrete bridge.

The center span of the bridge had already been imploded three weeks earlier. Most of the iron from the old bridge will be hauled away for scrap, but Tennessee Department of Transportation (TDOT) officials told reporters that a section of the bridge will be donated to the Town of Dandridge for a display.

The new bridge will have 12-foot lanes, 10-foot shoulders, and a 5-foot sidewalk, but will feature a gothic arch design. Two-thirds of the structure’s width was built before the old bridge was imploded to allow traffic to switch seamlessly from old bridge to new. The remaining one-third of the new bridge’s width will be built now that the old bridge is gone.

The Nashville Bridge Co. built the old steel truss bridge. Simpson Construction Co. is building the new one, which will cost $29.1 million. It includes a total of 6,510 cubic yards of concrete, 5 million pounds of structural steel, and 1.5 million pounds of reinforcing steel.

The new bridge should be complete by April 15, 2019.