Implosion demolishes final two piers of old San Francisco-Oakland Bay Bridge

Updated Nov 29, 2017
Screen shot from CBS SF Bay Area video.Screen shot from CBS SF Bay Area video.

On November 11, the California Department of Transportation (Caltrans) imploded the last two remaining piers (E17 and E18) of the 13 marine foundations that were part of the original east span of the San Francisco-Oakland Bay Bridge, NBC Bay Area reports.

“It went well, it went according to plan,” Alejandro Lopez of Caltrans told the news agency, adding that there was a problem with a seal. “We had a slight delay because the seal was spotted in the exclusion zone. We had marine mammal watchers on scene. We followed protocol, and after the animal left the area, we were able to successfully complete the implosion at 7:30 a.m.”

Implosions demolishing the bridge have taken place over six weekends, beginning in September. Caltrans combined multiple piers on some dates, allowing demolition to be completed a year ahead of schedule and saving taxpayers nearly $10 million, the agency told the news agency.