Virginia DOT turns to ‘Pothole Hunter Phil Itkwik’ to motivate motorist reports

VDOT’s Pothole Hunter Phil ItkwikVDOT’s Pothole Hunter Phil Itkwik

The Virginia Department of Transportation (VDOT) is using humor with its Pothole Hunter Phil Itkwik campaign to motivate motorists to report potholes.

The Phil Itkwick (pronounced “fill it quick”) campaign ties into the current political atmosphere in the video seen below, with a crowd of supporters waving signs and cheering on the character’s message.

“VDOT crews, contractors and I have potholes in our sights,” Itkwik says. “We’re working to repair them to keep roadways as safe as possible, but it helps to have extra eyes on the roads. If you see a pothole, call 800-FOR ROAD (800-367-7623) or go to and click on ‘Report a Road Problem’ in the top right corner of the website.”

“Because potholes present a safety issue for motorists, VDOT crews are focused on repairing potholes as quickly as possible,” says VDOT Commissioner Charles Kilpatrick. “We bring out the ‘Pothole Hunter’ as a humorous way to raise awareness on how to report potholes in Virginia. We appreciate the public’s assistance in the hunt for potholes as Phil Itkwik and our crews continue to do a great job tackling these roadway hazards.”

VDOT only repairs potholes on state-maintained roads including interstates and most primary and secondary roads. Local governments are responsible for pothole repair on city streets as well as roads in Henrico and Arlington counties, so these motorists should report these to the local agency.