Drone captures progress of Margaret McDermott Bridge construction in Dallas

Updated Sep 12, 2021

A Dallas resident took his drone to the sky to capture the progress of the construction on the Margaret McDermott Bridge.

The footage, featured by the Dallas Morning News takes a cinematic look at where the bridge is at in this phase of the project, which will provide an upgrade to the bridge which crosses the Trinity River. The river is still high from the recent flooding in Texas in the drone footage.

The paper reported in June that city of Dallas had already spent $609,675,076 on the Horseshoe Project, as it’s been dubbed. The Horseshoe Project encompasses several projects in the Trinity River Corridor that are currently underway. The total cost of the entire Horseshoe Project is almost $800 million.

TxDOT is spending over $100 million on the Margaret McDermott Bridge part of the project.