Wirtgen Rolls Out New “One Man” Compact Cold Planer, W 150 Fi

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Wirtgen W150Fi cold planer shooting millings into back of truck
Wirtgen's new W 150 Fi cold planer becomes the company's largest compact milling machine.

Wirtgen has released its largest compact cold planer, the W 150 Fi. Though larger that its other compact milling machines, it can still be operated by one person and fit in tight spaces, the company says.

The milling machine has a milling width of 6 feet and a milling depth of 13 inches. It runs on a 422-horsepower John Deere engine. The Deere engine has been specially adapted to power the machine, designed with high torque and less noise and fuel consumption.

The smaller W 120 Fi, released in 2022, was the first Wirtgen cold planer to be equipped with a Deere engine since Deere bought Wirtgen in 2017.

Wirtgen W150Fi cold planer working at nightThe W 150 Fi is designed for heavy work in tight spaces.WirtgenThe W 150 Fi cold planer comes equipped with Wirtgen’s automated systems:

  • Mill Assist – Automatically controls engine speed according to the job. The operator can also select among three milling modes at the press of a button: Eco, performance-optimized and milling pattern quality.
  • Level Pro Active – Integrates 3D and laser leveling and a revised Multiplex system with three-fold scanning. All sensors and measurement values are displayed on the control panel.
  • Wirtgen Performance Tracker – Delivers automatically generated construction site reports showing such information as tonnage milled.

The milling machine comes with open operator station. An enclosed cab is an option. The platform can be adjusted laterally for views along the zero-clearance side. For further visibility, an overview system with two to six cameras is available. A 5-inch control screen is on the multifunction armrest. The controls are ergonomically designed “with high-quality haptics,” Wirtgen says.

For cutting, the W 150 Fi gets the new HT22 Plus toolholder. Combined with the Generation X2 round-shaft pick, the cutting system reduces toolholder wear by 25%, the company says. The planer also gets the MCS system for quick changing of milling drums.