Trimble’s Asphalt Compactor Technology Helps Improve Mat Quality and Paving Productivity

Trimble Roadworks Paving Control Platform for Asphalt Compactors
The quality of compaction will make or break your paving job. Perfect the process with Trimble’s new software.

Once considered the least sophisticated machine in the equipment pantheon, the asphalt compactor is getting a lot of love these days from technology companies. Why?

As it turns out, over- or under-compaction can have a huge impact on the quality of your paving jobs and the money you spend on fuel, labor and machine costs. And failure to nail this final step in the paving process can cost you big money if tear out and rework is required.

Compaction insights

Trimble has entered this market with its Roadworks Paving Control Platform for Asphalt Compactors, a system designed to accurately control the compaction process while reducing unnecessary passes. With it you can view compaction progress, pass counts and mat temps on a color display. You can monitor pass counts only or pass counts plus temperature, add temperature sensors or precision accuracy and wirelessly transfer intelligent compaction data from the machine to the office.

This on-machine functionality allows you to compact surface material to the desired compaction stiffness target and monitor site volumes simultaneously in real time.

You get optimal compaction for the target temperature range and reduce rework and material waste with real-time temperature map monitoring. The result: lower costs, faster results and an asphalt mat with more durability, stability and load-bearing capacity.

Built on Roadworks

The 3D system is built on the backbone of Trimble’s established Roadworks software that maximizes ease of use, shortens training times and decreases downtime. Roadworks is available at various pricing levels to help meet the unique needs of each contractor.

New compactor licenses make it possible for contractors to pay for only the functionality they need. Office-only licenses provide increased functionality in the office. According to the company, variable pricing levels the playing field for contractors of all types and sizes.

Roadworks is compatible with Trimble WorksOS and Trimble WorksManager software. These enable contractors to send construction-ready models from the office to the machine and to remotely monitor jobsite progress and activity. In addition, productivity data collected from the machine is automatically synced back to the office. Trimble Roadworks Paving Control Platform for Asphalt Compactors is available now to order through the worldwide SITECH distribution channel.