Lindsay water-filled crash cushions made for quick, easy installation

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Updated Nov 5, 2019
Lindsay Absorb-M crash cushionLindsay Absorb-M crash cushion

Lindsay Corporation says its new Absorb-M water-filled crash cushion system is designed for “rapid deployment and retrieval” and can be used in narrow areas with limited road and work space.

The 21-foot-long, 24-inch-wide non-redirective safety cushions do not require a foundation or anchors for installation, can be used on most road surfaces and adapt to most permanent or portable barriers, the company says.

“At 21 feet, the Absorb-M is the shortest length in its class for (MASH) TL-3 (standards), which is a huge benefit for contractors who want simple and efficient deployment and removal,” says Scott Marion, Lindsay president of infrastructure.

Absorb-M testAbsorb-M test

Each barrier in the system has access points for forklifts and has interchangeable and stackable elements for reducing inventory costs and  for quick, easy installation, the company says.

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