Iowa DOT plans grade-separated bridges at interchange in Floyd

Screen shot from KIMT 3 News video.Screen shot from KIMT 3 News video.

The Iowa DOT wants to begin construction on an interchange with the Avenue of the Saints and US 218/Quarry Road in Floyd, Iowa, by 2021, KIMT 3 News reports.

The plan is to have the Avenue of the Saints pass over US 218/Quarry Road on two grade-separated bridges, with extended on/off ramps. At-grade crossings into Floyd at Liberty Street, Montgomery Street, and Packard Ave. would be removed, which doesn’t sit well with some local businesses that rely on highway traffic.

The Iowa Department of Transportation says the intersection currently sees an average of more than 10,000 vehicles every day and is projected to grow to more than 18,000 per day by 2038.

“Normally when you’re traveling, if you can see a place and fall off the highway and pull in, you’re happy,” Ron Dugan, owner of Dugan’s Restaurant and Lounge, told the news agency, adding that the removal of crossings would cut of direct access to his restaurant. “If you have to go around and through a town to find it, it’s not going to be a good deal. The DOT already told me that they don’t have to give us a frontage road. I built the place on a truck route. It’ll put us out of business.”