Hawaii DOT to use carbon-injected concrete for all road construction

Updated Jul 24, 2019
Photo courtesy HDOT.Photo courtesy HDOT.

After testing a concrete mix injected with waste carbon dioxide as a sustainable transportation initiative, the Hawaii Department of Transportation (HDOT) announced plans to use the carbon-injected concrete in all construction as part of its climate change solution.

The material was approved for all flat work, including roads and sidewalks, and is being tested for use in vertical projects as well.

HDOT did a side-by-side comparison test, which involved a pour of 150 cubic yards of carbon-injected concrete next to an equivalent pour of standard concrete on an access road for the Kapolei Interchange Phase 2. The carbon-injected concrete was produced by Island Ready-Mix Concrete using waste carbon dioxide from Hawaii Gas.

The carbon dioxide was mixed into the concrete using CarbonCure technology, trapping the carbon dioxide in mineral form within the concrete and improving the comprehensive strength of the material.