New Concrete Distress manual now online

Updated Dec 24, 2018


Concrete Pavement Peoria Illinois

A new guide is available to help provide solutions to concrete distress.

The Guide for Concrete Pavement Distress Assessments and Solutions: Identification, Causes, Prevention, and Repair has just been issued by the National Concrete Pavement Technology (CP Tech) Center at Iowa State University.

It’s a challenge, the authors say, to identify concrete distress and understand the cause or causes. It can also be challenging to determine proper repair procedures and prevent it on future projects.

This guide incorporates proven and cost-effective solutions into a framework that assists in matching the appropriate solution(s) to a given distress. It’s written by Dale Harrington, Mike Ayers, Tom Cackler, Gary Fick, Doug Schwartz, Kurt Smith, Mark B. Snyder and Tom Van Dam,

The text will be useful for transportation agency personnel and consulting engineers who are responsible for managing concrete pavement assets, the CP Tech Center says.

“Among the issues covered are monitoring pavement performance, developing project concepts, developing and administering pavement repair projects, and overseeing system maintenance.,” the center says.

The manual was developed as part of a Federal Highway Administration (FHWA) cooperative agreement to support more sustainable concrete pavement technical solutions.