Dynapac intros updated small tandem Asphalt Roller CC950

Updated Feb 13, 2018
The new Dynapac CC950The new Dynapac CC950

Dynapac is introducing an updated version of its small tandem Asphalt Roller CC950.

It’s primarily for small-scale compaction work such as pavements, bicycle paths, small roads, parking areas and other places that need compaction but are difficult to reach with a larger roller.

The CC950 comes with an operating mass of about 1.6 tons and a drum width of 38 inches, Dynapac says.

The machine is equipped with a water-cooled, three cylinder, 4-stroke Kubota D722-E4B-KEA-2 diesel engine. It’s compliant with EPA Tier 4 and produces 20.3 horsepower. Together with the large drum diameter and drive motors connected in series, it contributes to excellent accessibility and hill-climbing capacity, the company says.

The CC950 has 4200 vpm (70 Hz) vibrations on the front drum only and a static rear drum. The rear drum is equipped with shock absorbers to minimize vibrations in the operator’s platform. The operator’s platform is offers plenty of space and ergonomically positioned steps.

For easier maintenance aimed at saving time and money, the Dynapac CC950 has longer service intervals. Both the steering hitch and steering cylinder are maintenance free.

The few remaining service points are easily accessible, the company says. The instrument panel has an hour meter, horn switch, warning lights for brake, battery charging indicator, engine oil pressure indicator and glow plug for aiding engine start at cold temperatures.

The CC950 also sports the company’s switch to a new color scheme of red, white and grey colors from yellow.

As part of its acquisition by the Fayat Group, Dynapac took on a new visual product branding. The company says red has always been a significant color for the brand.