Batch of taxes for transportation coming to Ore. in 2018

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Photo credit: Smallman12q via Wikimedia CommonsPhoto credit: Smallman12q via Wikimedia Commons

Oregon residents and those who work in the state will face new transportation-related taxes and fees in the new year.

The charges on gas, bikes, vehicle sales, electric vehicles and payroll are expected to raise $5.3 billion for improving roads and bridges and other transportation projects, according to

The taxes and fees are as follows:

  • A .1 percent tax on the pay for Oregonians and nonresidents working inside the state. The money is to be used for public transit.
  • A $15 tax on adult bicycles costing $200 or more. The money will go toward grants for bike and walking paths.
  • A .5 percent tax on vehicles sold. It can be paid by the dealership or passed along to the buyer. The tax also applies to vehicles bought by Oregonians out of state. It affects vehicles with no more than 7,500 miles and a gross weight of 13 tons or less. That includes campers, buses, motor homes, truck trailers and mopeds, reports.
  • A 4-cent increase in the gas tax for 2018. The tax increases by 2-cent intervals in 2020, 2022 and 2024.
  • Increases in vehicle title and registration fees over five years. Owners of electric vehicles or hybrids will pay surcharges to compensate for not paying as much of a gas tax.