96-year-old Maine-Canada bridge closed to large commercial vehicles

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The Madawaska-Edmundston International BridgeThe Madawaska-Edmundston International Bridge

Commercial vehicles weighing over 5 tons have been banned from crossing the Madawaska-Edmundston International Bridge between Maine and Canada.

That includes tractor trailers, box trucks, buses and fire trucks.

The Maine Department of Transportation reports that a recent inspection “found significantly more steel deterioration on the floor beams and stringers than expected.”

MDOT says the 96-year-old bridge between Madawaska, Maine and Edmundston, New Brunswick, is still safe for passenger vehicles.

The agency is working with the New Brunswick Department of Transportation and Infrastructure to make temporary repairs to strengthen the bridge. The bridge will then be re-evaluated, but MDOT says some weight restrictions will likely remain in effect until the bridge is replaced or rehabilitated.

The two agencies also have been working on a long-term solution since January to either replace or rehabilitate the bridge.