$3.4 billion worth of transportation projects coming in Calif.

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The California Department of Transportation has added $3.4 billion worth of projects to its list of fast-track road and bridge repairs and replacement.

The money comes from legislation, titled “SB 1,” enacted this year to increase state transportation funding by $1.8 billion annually. The money comes from increases in gas and diesel taxes and new fees.

In all, Caltrans has plans for about $5 billion worth of projects to be expedited, including the $3.4 billion in projects announced October 20.

“Years of unfunded maintenance needs have plagued our roadways, so Caltrans is expediting projects with the expectation of SB 1 funds coming in November,” said Caltrans Director Malcolm Dougherty.

The projects include:

  • Improving or replacing 66 bridges;
  • Rehabilitating nearly 1,200 lane miles of pavement on highways across the state;
  • Repairing more than 300 culverts and drainage systems;
  • Installing traffic management elements to reduce congestion.

For more details on SB 1, go to rebuildingca.ca.gov.