MDOT becomes first to mandate wet reflective paint and tape in work zones

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Updated Oct 11, 2017

Pk ContractingTo prevent crashes in work zones, the Michigan Department of Transportation and PK Contracting teamed up in 2015 to create wet reflective paints and tape that would alert drivers and protect workers. This year, the state became the first in the country to mandate their use.

“Thirty-five percent of work zone crashes happen on rainy nights, and we believe this new standard will make a big difference,” said MDOT Work Zone Delivery Engineer Chris Brookes.

The MDOT says it decided to set the new guidelines because of successful tests in dark, wet work zones.

“The challenge was creating a temporary paint for a two-month work zone stage that was strong enough to hold onto the wet reflective optics,” said MDOT Work Zone Tech Specialist Chuck Bergmann.