APWA recognizes Public Works Projects of the Year during 2017 PWX

Updated Sep 4, 2017
I-15 Virgin River Bridge No. 6 CMARI-15 Virgin River Bridge No. 6 CMAR

The American Public Works Association recognized the winners of its 2017 Public Works Projects of the Year during the group’s Public Works Expo in Orlando, Florida.

The awards are given each year, with projects selected in five categories, including Transportation, Disaster/Emergency, Environment, Historical Restoration and Structures.

This year, APWA also included the Projects of the Year Award for Small Cities/Rural Communities (SC/RC). The SC/RC Projects of the Year award is for agencies from cities and counties with a population of 75,000 or less, and was established to promote excellence in demonstrating creativity, ingenuity, and efficiency in the delivery of public works projects that have a profound impact on the community, the association reports.

Winners of the 2017 Public Works Projects of the Year Award include:


  • <$5 million: CTH KW and CTH S Bridge Replacements
  • $5 million but less than $25 million: Bucklin Hill Bridge and Estuary Enhancement
  • $5 million but less than $25 million: T. Tyler Potterfield Memorial Bridge
  • $25 million–$75 million: I-15 Virgin River Bridge No. 6 CMAR
  • >$75 million: Kansas City Downtown Streetcar

Disaster or Emergency Construction/Repair

  • <$5 million: A1A Emergency Repair
  • <$5 million: Kane Drive Washout Emergency Repair
  • >$75 million: Waterbury State Office Complex Project


  • <$5 million: City of Mankato Water Treatment Backwash Reclamation
  • $5 million but less than $25 million: Northside Stormwater Management Project
  • $25 million–$75 million: Elmwood Park Flood Mitigation Project
  • >$75 million: Las Vegas Wash – Phase 1

Historical Restoration/Preservation

  • <$5 million: Memorial Fountain Restoration
  • $25 million–$75 million: Historic Franklin Avenue Bridge Rehabilitation


  • <$5 million: Bill Fisch Forest Stewardship and Education Centre
  • $5 million but less than $25 million: Haymarket-Gainesville Library and Montclair Library
  • $25 million–$75 million: Marina Park, Newport Beach
  • >$75 million: Government Center Station Reconstruction

Small Cities/Rural Communities Projects of the Year

  • Disaster/Emergency: Pawtuxet River Stabilization Project
  • Environment: From the Ocean to the Bay: Eastham Water System
  • Historical Restoration/Preservation: Healdsburg Avenue Bridge over Russian River
  • Structures: Memorial Park Amphitheatre and Park Improvements
  • Transportation: Concord Downtown Complete Streets Improvements Project