From de-icing to plows, BOSS launches new lineup of snow removal products

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Updated Oct 10, 2017
BOSS SK Box Plows for skid steersBOSS SK Box Plows for skid steers

BOSS Snowplow has a slew of new products for the upcoming winter, from de-icing liquid to skid steer plows.

Pre-Wet System

This product represents BOSS’s entrance into liquid de-icing. It allows for pre-wetting of de-icing materials before they are spread, enabling the material to melt snow and ice faster at low temperatures. It comes with a 60-gallon tank and works with BOSS’s new VBX and FORGE spreaders.

BOSS Pro-LidBOSS Pro-Lid


The spreader lid is designed to be easy to open and protect de-icing material from the elements with a weather seal. It works on VBX spreaders and can be retrofitted to VBX Hopper Spreaders, with the exception of the VBX3000.


The hydraulic accumulator provides consistent hydraulic pressure to improve scraping for straight-blade plows, the company says. It works on BOSS Super-Duty, Standard Duty and HTX Straight-Blade plows. BOSS’s Back Drag Edge works with D-Force to improve scraping when back-dragging.

BOSS Poly Walk Behind SpreaderBOSS Poly Walk Behind Spreader

Walk-Behind Spreaders

BOSS offers walk-behind spreaders with stainless steel and poly hoppers for small de-icing jobs like sidewalks. The stainless-steel spreader features a conical auger to reduce clumping of de-icing material. The poly hopper spreader has a stainless-steel frame and has adjustable front and side baffles. Both spreaders have a capacity of 100 pounds.

Heavy plows

The new SK12 skid-steer box plow is designed to move large amounts of snow. The blade can be adjusted to any terrain. BOSS also offers straight-blade and V-plow tractor plows for use with certain models of John Deere and Kubota tractors.