Road Institute releases schedule for 52nd season of roadbuilding training classes

Updated Aug 9, 2017

Volvo CE’s Road Institute, held at training centers in Shippensburg and Chambersburg, Pennsylvania, and Phoenix, Arizona, has released its training schedule for its 52nd season spanning October this year through May 2018.

“The road building industry is changing, and placing different requirements on jobs — such as an increase in the number of states with an intelligent compaction specification,” says Wayne Tomlinson, Road Institute compaction training specialist. “So, beyond all students of Road Institute leaving with tools that will immediately make their work easier and result in a higher quality end product, we also provide training on the latest technology to ensure our students are prepared as more states and DOT jobs start making the use of intelligent compaction a requirement.”

The Road Institute combines work in the classroom and hands-on activities with training sessions lasting from two to five days. The program offers training on operation, application, maintenance and mechanics and cover the following courses:

  • Paver and Compactor Operation and Maintenance – Two days of classroom-style learning plus two days of hands-on application in this course provides best practices for operation and management of paving equipment.
  • Automatic Grade and Slope Systems – This course provides lessons on how to safely set up, operate and troubleshoot common control issues that can result in poor ride-ability and joint construction.
  • Large Asphalt Compactor Mechanics – This course provides students with maintenance and technical training for large asphalt compactors including system functions, troubleshooting and adjustments of hydraulic and electrical systems.
  • Small Asphalt Compactor Mechanics – Students learn mechanics for asphalt compactors under seven tons.
  • Soil Compactor Mechanics – This course provides students with general service instruction for soil compactors.
  • Paver Hydraulic and Electrical Systems – Students become familiar with the hydraulic and electrical systems of pavers with lessons that allow for hands-on troubleshooting.
  • Paver Screed Operation and Adjustments – This course covers principles of paver operation, maintenance, mechanical adjustments, screed set-up and screed running adjustments to ensure paving quality.

More details are available here. Click here for a description of my first-hand experience with the Paver and Compactor Operation and Maintenance course from 2015.