Seppi M. intros Maxisoil 350, its largest forestry tiller, stone crusher

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Updated Jul 25, 2017
The Maxisoil 350 tractor attachment comes in widths of 98 to 138 inches.The Maxisoil 350 tractor attachment comes in widths of 98 to 138 inches.

Seppi M. says its new Maxisoil 350 is the largest forestry tiller and stone crusher in the world. Designed for 300- to 500-horsepower tractors, it is available in widths of 98 and 138 inches.

It is designed for a variety of tasks, among them crushing stones on roads, creating and maintain gravel roads, clearing brush on construction sites, clearing forests after harvesting wood, and right-of-way clearing.

It can crush stone and mulch wood up to 20 inches and can till soil 14 inches deep.

The machine’s rotor comes with new anti-wear tools with additional tungsten carbide inserts on areas most exposed to wear. The transmission cooling system can be controlled remotely to prevent overheating when work is interrupted. The machine also comes standard with a liquid injection system to mix soil with a stabilizing agent.

Other standard features include interchangeable Hardox wear-proof plates to protect the chassis, hood and compacting roller that can be adjusted hydraulically, and an adjustable crushing bar and grille.