NCDOT division crews hold Roadeos to test operation skills

Updated Jun 2, 2017

Division13 RoadeoEmployees at several North Carolina Department of Transportation divisions recently tested their skills and safety awareness at Roadeos across the state. The winners from each of the agency’s 14 divisions will compete at a statewide Roadeo in Raleigh, Aug. 3 at the state fairgrounds.

Skills tested include maneuvering a dump truck, tractor, backhoe, low-boy trailer and motor grader through obstacle courses. Operators must parallel park single-axle and tandem axle dump trucks, as well as low-boy equipment carriers; use a backhoe to lift golf balls from sand and deposit them in buckets the size of coffee cans; use a motor grader to knock off tennis balls from an orange perch; and stop trucks and tractors an inch from a target after maneuvering an obstacle course.

Division 8

Nc Roadeo Division8
Division 8 held their safety Roadeo at he Rockingham Dragway. “Safety is always the top priority at these friendly competitions, and the event itself stresses personal safety when operating these vehicles and taking those important skills into the field,” says Division 8 Engineer Brandon Jones. “Our staff enjoys getting to showcase their skills while emphasizing safety and training.”

Division 8 winners include:

  • Allen Williams; Randolph County Maintenance: Dump truck
  • Garland Dunn; Moore County Maintenance: Tandem truck
  • Fred Harrelson; Randolph County Maintenance: Lowboy truck
  • James Dawkins; Richmond County Maintenance: Tractor/mower
  • Todd Logan; Randolph County Maintenance: Backhoe
  • John Beane; Montgomery County Maintenance: Motor grader

Runners up were:

  • Allen Hancock; Richmond County Equipment: Dump truck
  • Brian Morrison; Montgomery County Maintenance: Tandem truck
  • Roy Locklear; Hoke County Maintenance: Lowboy truck
  • Herald Dowdy; Roadside Environmental Unit: Tractor/mower
  • Clint Jacobs; Scotland County Maintenance: Backhoe
  • Brandon Hussey; Moore County Maintenance: Motor grader

Division 13

Division 13’s 80+ employees held their Roadeo at the Burke County Maintenance Yard. “We showcased the skills our operators use every day on job sites,” says Division 13 Safety Engineer Walt Russell said. “Each event is designed to show the driving, operating and safety skills it takes to work in tight quarters around traffic and in work zones.”

“This is one of our most important safety training sessions of the year, and we have fun showcasing our skills and sharing safety tips and advice with one another,” says Division 13 Engineer Jay Swain. “We’re often trying to fit a lot of equipment in a small area, so the better we are at moving around fixed objects, the more efficient we can be at doing our job safely.”

Winners include:

  • Tandem axle truck: Cass Buchanan, Mitchell County Equipment
  • Single axle truck: Brandigan Cox, McDowell County Maintenance
  • Lowboy tractor: Donnie Dockery, McDowell County Maintenance
  • Tractor mower: David Hall, Roadside Environmental
  • Motor grader: Antawan Boyce, McDowell County Maintenance
  • Backhoe: Wesley Sparks, Burke County Maintenance

Division 14

More than 100 Division 14 employees competed in their Roadeo at the Haywood County Maintenance Yard. “Safety is involved in every aspect of these friendly competitions, and the event as a whole emphasizes personal safety when operating these vehicles and taking those essential skills into the field,” says Division 14 Safety Engineer Candie Auvil. “It’s nice to get together once a year to showcase our skill and emphasize safety and training.”

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Winners include:
• Tractor mower: Nathan Franklin, Jackson County Environmental
• Backhoe: Alan Cochran, Macon County Bridge Maintenance
• Lowboy tractor: Verlon Enloe, Cherokee County Maintenance
• Motor grader: Jeff Gregory, Macon County Maintenance
• Single axle truck: Blake Brooks, Clay County Maintenance
• Tandem axle truck: Jacob Jones, Jackson County Maintenance

“We had good fun, accomplished a lot, and picked up some safety pointers,” says Division 14 Engineer Ed Green. “I always enjoy seeing everybody get together and share some pointers. We have a good group going to Raleigh for the state competition.”

Division14 Roadeo